Other parishes within the group and links to their websites:

  • The ancient parish church of Frome is Frome St John the Baptist, founded in 685AD by St Aldhelm and this page is part of the parish website at www.sjfrome.co.uk

  • The first new church to be built was that at East Woodlands now dedicated to St Katharine. The church was completed in 1714, consecrated in 1811 and became a separate parish after 1872. About that time it was restored by the architect John Loughborough Pearson. Older records often refer to this church as the 'New Church'.

  • The parish church of Christ Church was built in 1818. At the time of its consecration it referred to as the 'New Free Church' not because of being a 'Free Church' in the sense of non-conformist, but because the seats were free of rent.

  • The church of Holy Trinity is unusual in that it faces the opposite way to the usual orientation of parish churches: the main entrance is at the East end on Trinity Street. It was built in 1838.

  • The church of St Mary the Virgin built in 1864 is the only parish church on the north side of the river in Frome.

  • The division of the ancient parish into four parishes in 1862 defined the boundaries for Woodlands, Christ Church and Holy Trinity. The division of St Mary's parish from that of St John the Baptist followed later.

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